Individual tour around Moscow of 3 hours

During Sightseeing tour you will visit main historical sights of the city and learn different facts and legends from its history, and also learn a lot of useful and interesting information.

The route includes three stops: Red Square, the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, Vorobyevy Hills, but at the same time you have an opportunity to add some stops you want. As an example you can make a stop near Novodevichy convent or take a walk through Alexander garden.

The excursion starts from the place you’ve chosen. During the tour you will visit the following attractions: 

Red Square

Big stone bridge 

Bolotnaya square (besides you will enjoy the view of Cathedral square from the Sofiiskaya embankment.)

The Cathedral Of Christ the Savior

 st. Prechistenka, st. Ostozhenka, st. Pirogovskaya 

Novodevichy convent

 Vorobyevy Hills

 Moscow State University

 Poklonnaya Hill


 the New Arbat

 the Nikitsky and Tverskoy boulevards

st. Tverskaya

 Lubyanka square  

Dear guests and our site visitors, we would like to remind you that we arrange only individual sightseeing tours for you and your guests. Please note that we do not join you the combined groups.

The excursion is organized by preliminary application:

- by phone (495)923-60-02

- email:

- in our page on Instagram: @ayavmoskve

                                                    We wish you to have a great time during your trip!

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The duration of excursion is 3 hours.
Price from 8 000 RUR