Individual tour to Kremlin Cathedrals

During the tour of the territory of the Kremlin with the cathedrals you can see medieval architecture monuments:

Assumption Cathedral was built in 1475 – 1479 following the tradition of the Assumption Cathedral in Vladimir. It was the main cathedral of the country, there Russian rulers were crowned and Russian patriarchs were buried.

Annunciation Cathedral was the home church of Great Moscow Princes and later Russian Tsars. It was built in 1484 -1489. It is one of the rare churches where the wall fresco paintings of the 16-th century are preserved.

Archangel’s Cathedral was the burial place of Moscow Princes and Tsars till 1712 when the capital was transferred to Saint-Petersburg, after that the emperors were buried there. There are 46 tombs and 54 graves here.

Ivan the Great Bell-tower ensemble was the highest medieval structure in Moscow. It was built in 16 -17th centuries. There is an exhibition hall of the museum on the ground floor of the Assumption Belfry.

Tsar Cannon was made in 1586, its weight is about 40 ton. It never fired in its history.

Tsar Bell was cast in 1733-1735, its weight is about 200 ton. It was damaged during the fire, a piece of it (weighing about 11.5 ton) broke off because of the difference in temperature when cold water fell on the hot bell.

The excursion is organized by preliminary application:

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You can order an individual sightseeing tour at any day convenient for you.

The duration of excursion is 2 or 3 hours.

The excursion is conducted by accredited guide-interpreters in any language.

The terms of payment: the advances payment of 100% in cash or bank transfer.

Dear guests and visitors of our website, we would like to remind you, that we conduct only individual sightseeing tours for you and your guests. We don’t add other people to your group.

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The territory of the Kremlin with a visit to the cathedrals7000from 80001200
Excursion around the Kremlin with visiting the Cathedrals and Armoury Chamber8000from 90002700
Excursion around the Kremlin with visiting the Cathedrals, Armoury Chamber, Diamond fund (without excursion) 8000from 90003700
Excursion around the Kremlin with visiting the Cathedrals, Armoury Chamber, Diamond fund19000from 190003700