Individual tour to the Chambers of The Romanov boyars
Before they became Tzars and Emperors of the Russian Empire, the Romanovs were prominent boyars (nobles) and lived in Moscow. Their house in Moscow’s oldest neighborhood, Kitay Gorod, was built in the 1500s out of stone – a rarity at that time – and was practically a palace in those days. It was painstakingly restored and converted to a museum on the direct orders of Emperor Alexander II in 1859.

The house is tucked away on one of central Moscow’s oldest but quietest streets, Varvarka, and is rather unremarkable from the street side. Though they is part of the massively popular State Historical Museum complex, the Chambers do not see a lot of visitors. And too bad, because this small museum is absolutely fascinating and charming. Carefully preserved, restored and reproduced interiors and artifacts tell stories of medieval Moscow and of the life and customs of wealthy Russian families during that time. It’s as close to authentic Old Russia as you are likely to get in Moscow.

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