Individual tour to Novo-Devichi Convent
It was home to many high-born nuns and often played a role in politics – one of the sisters prevented the convent from being blown up by the French in 1812, by snuffing out the fuses. Here, Irina Godunova retired after the death of her imbecilic husband, Fyodor I, and her brother Boris Godunov was proclaimed Tsar. Ravaged during the Time of Troubles, the convent was rebuilt in the 1680s by the Regent Sofia, who was later confined here by Peter the Great, along with his unwanted first wife. Bequests made Novodevichy Convent a major landowner with fifteen thousand serfs, but after the Revolution, its churches were shut down, and in 1922, the convent was turned into a museum, which spared it from a worse fate until the cathedral was returned to the Church in 1945 as a reward for backing the war effort. Restoration began in the 1960s, and in 1988, an episcopal see was established here. Though still officially a museum, Novodevichy is once again a convent, where nuns and novices keep a low profile.

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