Individual tour to the state Tretyakov Gallery

Zamoskvorechyehe name of this part of Moscow means literally “Beyond the Moscow-River”. The territory dates back to medieval times and preserves many colorful churches, nice mansions of Moscow merchants, and solemn palaces of the nobility. It is a real pleasure to walk along the old twisting streets and lanes with pretty churches and low stone and wooden houses, imaging how life went on here in the merchant town, when early in the morning the residents of Zamoskvorechye went to their stalls, and in the evenings tired out after a hard days’ work, they would relax sitting before a steaming samovar.  Some of the merchants were very well educated, knew foreign languages and were open to new ideas and innovations. Thanks to such busy and civil-minded people Russian Empire became a great industrial and cultural country on the eve of the First World War.

 One of them lived in this district and opened an Art Gallery in his house.  His name was Pavel Tretyakov. A merchant by birth, he was very fond of Russian painting and spent a lot of time searching and then buying canvases of the most talented Russian artists. Later he presented his collection to the city of Moscow.

Nowadays  this museum, named after its founder – The State Tretyakov Gallery, houses the greatest collection of  Russian Art in the world, including a unique collection of icons, dating back to the 11th – 18th centuries. 

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You can order an individual sightseeing tour at any day convenient for you.

The duration of excursion is 3 hour.

The excursion is conducted by accredited guide-interpreters in any language.

The terms of payment: the advances payment of 100% in cash or bank transfer.

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