The Moscow Kremlin tour
The Kremlin is a historic and spiritual heart not only of Moscow but of the whole country. All Russian history, its tragedies and triumphs are associated with this medieval fortress – the Kremlin. It is a mixture of European and Asiatic splendor, with the elegance of Italian Renaissance and brightness and brilliance of Byzantium.
Inside the ancient walls of the Kremlin you will see the largest bell in the World - the Tsar-Bell, the largest cannon in the World – the Tsar-Cannon, the 15th century cathedrals of the Kremlin, among them The Assumption Cathedral where all ceremonies of coronation of Russian tsars and emperors and solemn acts of the country took place; the Archangel Michael Cathedral which is the burial place for Moscow grand princes and Russian tsars; the Annunciation Cathedral which was a domestic church of the grand princes and tsars. The Cathedrals are still decorated with marvelous murals from inside and contain ancient icons.
There are also two museums inside the Kremlin which you can visit. The first museum is the Armory Chamber; it displays the tsars’ coronation dresses, state regalia, royal carriages, ceremonial armory and weapons, the Faberge Easter eggs.

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