Individual tour to Sergiev Posad

The Holy-Trinity St. Sergius Monastery – the spiritual center of Russian Orthodox Church and one of the four highest rank monasteries in Russia nowadays. This lavishly decorated Russian Orthodox place is equivalent to the Catholic Vatican and attracts the pilgrims from all around Russia. The town of Sergiev Posad emerged round the Trinity-Sergius monastery, which was established here in the 14th century by one of the most honored Russian saints, righteous Sergius of Radonezh. With his blessing, Moscow Prince Dmitry Donskoy won a victory against the Mongol horde at the Battle of Kulikovo field in 1380, preventing Russia from being erased from the face of the earth. The monastery’s status as defender of the motherland grew during the Time of Troubles. With Moscow occupied by the Poles, it withstood a 16 month siege and then encouraged the uprising that drove the invaders out. So, apart from being the pilgrimage center, the Monastery has a huge historical significance as well.

Don’t forget to try the unique Russian drink KVAS (non-alcoholic rye bread beer) and different sorts of pastry made to the secret monastery recipes.

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