Vladimir and Suzdal
If you wish to find yourself travelling back in time we highly recommend that you visit two old towns Vladimir and Suzdal – ancient Russian capitals located about 30 km from each other.
Suzdal has preserved the charm of a tiny provincial town. Dating back to the early 11th century, it is often called “a museum under the open sky”, since most of its medieval churches and monasteries have survived through the aggressively atheistic Soviet period. Gazing at its blue river, wooden houses with carved window-frames, picturesque meadows, gardens and fields you may feel that time has stopped here.
After a traditional Russian meal in the local house or a private restaurant we will drive to Vladimir, which was founded on the high bank of the Klyazma River and offers an impressive view over the vast fields and distant forests. The observation spot is located in the very center of the town next to the most famous cathedrals of the entire Golden Ring route. The walls of the 12-century cathedral of St. Demetrius are covered with rich stone carving survived from the pre-Mongolian period. The Assumption cathedral of the same period is famous with magnificent frescoes of Andrey Rublev, famous icon painter of the 14th century. When Moscow became a capital in the 15th century, the Assumption Cathedral of Vladimir was used as a model for the main church of Russia – the Assumption cathedral of the Moscow Kremlin where all Grand Princes, Tsars and Emperors were crowned.

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