Golden Ring

Vladimir and Suzdal
The duration of excursion is 12:00 hours.
Price from 35 800 RUR

Sergiev Posad and Pereslavl-Zalessky
The duration of excursion is 11:30 hours.
Price from 38 800 RUR

Individual tour to Sergiev Posad
The duration of excursion is 6:00 hours.
Price from 19 000 RUR

Individual tour to Suzdal city
The duration of excursion is 7:00 hours.
Price from 25 000 RUR

Having sated with modern life of the megalopolis, there is a desire to get closer to the culture and history. To touch sources, to plunge into the atmosphere of time of existence of Vladimiro - the Suzdal principality and the Moscow Russia. We offer you a travel over  the cities of the Golden Ring of Russia. Over the cities where medieval fortresses and monuments of architecture since the 12th century have remained. Each city of the Golden Ring is unique and the uniqueness is visible in architecture of monasteries, churches, civil constructions and the nature of the ancient cities.

Vladimir is famous for the Golden Gate, Uspensky and Dmitrovsky Cathedrals, Suzdal and Rostov Veliky is well-known with the ancient Kreml, Kostroma is decorated by Ipatiev Monastery which history is inseparably linked with history of an imperial dynasty of Romanov, sacred - Troitsk Monastery is one of the largest orthodox monasteries of Russia - it is in Sergiyev Posad - really Golden Ring of Russia.

Yury Bychkov is the author of the term, by the way, and the idea of a ring route - the journalist and the writer who has published in the Sovetskaya Kultura newspaper in November - December, 1967 a series of sketches about the Old Russian cities under the general heading "Golden Ring". This name was later is appropriated to nowadays world famous tourist route.

The route of the Golden Ring is popular not only among the Russian tourists, but also among foreign travelers. We offer tours to one or several cities of the Golden Ring in Russian or in a foreign language. You need to take  a marching backpack and convenient footwear, we promise  a lot of  impressions full of sights and routes.