Excursions in Moscow for foreigners

Arriving in Moscow on a business trip, or just to visit as a tourist, you will most likely want to trip you still have a more thrilling experience possible. To do this, not just to explore the various attractions, but also to learn more about their history and importance, in order to fully feel the atmosphere of the city. This will help you a tour desk, "I am in Moscow." It conducts the most interesting excursions not only in Russian, but also in foreign languages.

Note that the tour of Moscow for foreigners who conducts our tour desk can have the most diverse subjects. Depending on the time available at your disposal, as well as the interests and preferences can attract your attention one of the following types of tour events:

· Walk in Moscow;
· Visits to museums;
· Trips to the famous estates;
· Offsite excursions to other cities.

Each tour is carefully prepared for foreigners. During the trip, tourists will be accompanied by guides and guides-interpreters who speak excellent as the historical information, and a foreign language. It is important that you contact us and if you are interested in a tour for foreigners carried out on one of the languages ​​that do not have a large circulation. However, it is best to book in advance, at least a few days prior to the date.

Good tour in English - it's not just the opportunity to have a good time. Tour Desk, "I'm in Moscow" helps visitors to the city who come from other countries to get the most vivid impression of the Russian capital. Perhaps you live in Moscow and abroad come to you friends, you want to show the city. Or maybe you need to organize a cultural program for foreign business partners. In such cases, high-quality tour in English - this is exactly what you need.

On our site you can book excursions to Moscow for foreigners, including a visit to the various museums and the city's attractions, as well as trips to other nearby cities. In this case you will see not only the tour in English, but also choose between a variety of other languages ​​in which our guides work.